Blindman shooting

+ Nepal Street Life

The Weight of His World
A Walk Across the Road
Keeper of The Flame
Perserving through Time
Panning for Gold # 2
In Flames are Our Prayers
Reality of A Life Gone Wrong #2
Reality of A Life Gone Wrong #1
Reality of A Life Gone Wrong #3
Before The Bobble Pops in Kathmandu
I Worship This One
Sleep Walking on Main Street
The Child's Taking from The Gods
Keeper of The Shoes
Revamping the Religious Food Chain
The Ballet of The Weight Scales
When Nature Flees
The Passing of Tradition
Get on The Good Foot
Himalayan Role Modle
Time Out
The Buddhist Miser
The Joy of Puddle Jumping
Behind the Mask
The Benefits Payoff
Candle Light Child
Cotton Candy Here
Jewelers in The Dark
The Keeper of Candles
The Joy of Laughing
Panning for Gold
The Glamour of Stardom
Bead Board Bopping
Kathmandu Voyeur Fashion Á La Street Life
Down the Hatch
We Wobble as We Go
The Spectacle and The Spirit Of One
The Chopping Chef
Cadillac Rickshaw the Total Experience
Temple Dweller
Hypnotic Eyes of The Street
High Tea with The Queen's Holy Men
One with her Gods
The Greeter of Rome
The Moment of Wonderment
In The Moment of Surprise
The Man Behind The Iron Mask of Paint
Inflatable Manhood Kit
Mystery of The Night
Rain Market
Pump Up the Volume
Sending Prayers to Heaven
Bus Stop Glance
The Balancing Act
Connecting With The Flame of Hope